torsdag 8 maj 2014

How free will Rookeys be?

Me and Viktor have been discussing how we're gonna monetize Rookeys. First of all, we know that a lot of people's ears start bleeding as soon as you mention monetization, but second of all, no money = no future games from us.

At the same time, we are two student's with little to brag about. Sure, we have done some games in the past but nothing we can point at and say: "Look, we did <insertnameofawesomegame>, so you should play Rookeys now". Basically we need to build some hype first.

Our solution is to make the up coming release completely free of charge, as well as empty of ads. The release consists of 24 levels and we're gonna update with more content as soon as possible, but until the first update we won't put any ads in there. We believe this is a fair way of doing it, kind of like a test period to see if there's any interest in Rookeys.


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