måndag 14 april 2014

DevDiarySunday (Monday)

We forgot the update yesterday. We're blaming this mistake on over eating of Easter candy (påskgodis as we say in Sweden).

This week we've tried to get as much work done as possible, despite being busy with courses at university.
New stuff include:

  • Working rotating laser turrets (took a day longer than necessary because I (Eric) am an idiot)
  • The theme has been slightly changed to involve maintenance droids. A longer update will explain this further at a later point.
  • The new droids have been drawn and uploaded to twitter for #screenshotsaturday. You can take a peak at it here.
  • New bugs of course. They are more friendly this week though.
We've also tried to structure our work a bit more. We're getting to the point where even smaller changes to the game can affect the overall game design a bit too much. We now have strict limits on what we must and may add to the game. The release of Rookeys is close but we are both guilty of wanting to add new things all the time..

Have a great week!

Lasers are cool. And we have a lot of them.

söndag 6 april 2014

Update Sunday!

We've been working hard on several projects this week. Since there are only two of us it can be hard to be in the exact same place in the development at all times. There are many different ways of solving this, but what we're doing is having two main projects going at the same time (plus our university game projects but that's something completely different).

For example, I've already managed to implement all of the main mechanic and one enemy type in our bigger platform game Spear of Odin (wt). It didn't take much more than a week which is nice of course, but Viktor also has to draw all of the animations, backgrounds and so on. That takes much longer in the beginning of a project, not only because drawing is very time consuming, but also since things such as theme and art style might undergo several changes.

To avoid frustration and the killing of each other, I (Eric) can then temporarily work on our other game, Rookeys. Now, Rookeys is the result of having to change scope with a game. It used to be called Moonkeys but we realized that it would take waay too long time to finish the game with that particular theme (monkeys throwing crap at each other), so we changed the theme to robots shooting lasers. Explaining exactly why this is more time effective would require quite a long text and I'll spare you this, but in short, the animation work will be much easier now.

After a long Saturday full of work (bye bye social life), ten levels have been designed and implemented, a lot of graphics are alive, most game objects are bug free (ha!) and thoughts about teleports have been raised.

The state of Bedroom Squadron today

lördag 5 april 2014

Screenshot Saturday

Short update for now, this is our contribution to #screenshotsaturday. Tomorrow or this evening we'll write more about how the development is going and other stuff. Cheers!

Oh, and the name is now called Rookeys instead of Moonkeys. Explanation will follow in a later update