torsdag 1 maj 2014

Games and Psychology

We've been busy with Easter and all the things that come with it so few updates lately, but here's the more interesting new updates concerning development:

  • Three different worlds are in the game, but only two will be available for release. Why? To be honest, there isn't a practical reason for this, it is more based around psychology. Having two worlds with 12 levels in each makes the player perceive the game as being bigger than if we only had 1 world with 24 levels in it. The third world that can't be access at the release works as a tease or a semi-promise that more content will be added, so you shouldn't delete the game after finishing it! :)
  • Moar graphics! The NPC robots and their animations are shaping up nicely, and as I'm writing this, the main character is getting its final polishing done. Also, later today the graphics for the second world will start. Once again, the reason for more worlds in the game is based on psychology, but you can only (nicely) fool the player so far. We think that more worlds at least demand some different graphics, even if it means some sprites only getting a different colour.
  • We're aiming to have the game ready to compete in the Swedish Game Awards later this May. This means that we want the game to be released shortly afterwards. We can't give an exat release date but now you know around which time it'll happen.

Ha de gött!
//Blazing Bedroom Squadron

Psychology apparently

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