måndag 31 mars 2014

Let's do this!

OK, here's the thing. We're two guys currently studying Game Design in Skövde, Sweden, but we've also doing some programming and graphics for a while now. So we thought, why not start something up together? Can't be that hard to have some small side project right?

After failing immensely with our first "game", the dungeon exploration and drilling mech platformer (also known as "Drill Project"), we decided to try something simpler.

Learning from our mistakes, so far we've only done some smaller projects to get some experience and learn to work together. We participated in this year's Global Game Jam. We made the top down puzzle shooter Blazing Bedroom Squadron, and it turned out quite alright. Since we also liked the name very much we decided to "steal" it, hence the name of our little team.

The GGJ game went on to become Moonkeys, and even though we've had to pause the project to better understand the limitations of the platform, we're hoping to release it some time this year.

At the moment we're working on a PC platformer inspired by older games in the same genre, and we're hoping to release it early this fall. We cannot offer any screens from it yet since it's still in very early development, but we will leave you with a screen from Moonkeys before we put it on pause (and yes, it's full of temporary open source assets).

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